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As the jewel in the crown of the industry, the aerospace manufacturing industry integrates all the high-tech technologies of a country, and is the field of backup protection that the national strategic plan can be implemented and the political situation can be demonstrated. As a new manufacturing technology, metal 3D technology has outstanding application advantages in aerospace and has obvious service benefits. mainly reflects in:

1. Shorten the research and development cycle of new aerospace equipment;

2. Improve material utilization, save expensive strategic materials, and reduce manufacturing costs;

3. Optimize the structure of parts, reduce weight, reduce stress concentration and increase service life;

4. Cooperate with traditional manufacturing technology and complement each other.

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Other Applications

3D printing technology is a rapid prototyping manufacturing technology that has many unique advantages over traditional manufacturing. In the field of power tools, Hallem's selective laser sintering
At present, the 3D printing solution can realize the production of polymer materials and consumer products with complex structures of various materials such as bronze, red copper and stainless steel
Traditional manual technology for the manufacture of denture metal inner crowns requires 17 processes such as stamping, waxing, casting installation, embedding, and wax loss. Hallem 3D printing
The 3D pre-operative model facilitates the interpretation of the patient's condition by the competent physician and the patient's family. The surgical team conducts a simulated operation before the
With the continuous maturity of 3D printing technology and the continuous breakthrough in material application science, it is now possible to directly apply printed plastic or metal parts to

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