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Light Curing 3D Printing System SLA600

Light Curing 3D Printing System SLA600

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Laser with specific wavelength and intensity is focused on the surface of the photocurable material, which solidifies from point to line and from line to surface sequentially. The drawing of one layer is completed. Then the elevator moves the height of one layer in the vertical direction, and solidifies another layer. This stack up to form a three-dimensional entity.
Laser Model Nd:YV04
Spread Power Method Spread Power of intelligent position and var-sorb
Wave Length 354.7nm Minimum Laser Power ≥300mV
Default Layer Thickness 0.1mm Rapidly Print Layer Thickness 0.125mm
Precision Print Layer Thickness 0.075mm Spot Diameter 0.10-0.15mm
Scanning Methodz Scanning System of Scanlab Company
Scanning Speed 6.0m/s Leap Speed 10.0m/s
Print Efficiency 70~10g/h Vertical Resolution 0.00125mm
Resetting Accuracy ±0.01mm Max Weight.Print sample 50KG
Print Cavity Volum ≈200.0L(200KG) Max,Print Size 600x600x350mm
Heater Resin Method Air Heating Default IPC OS Windows 7
Network Type and Protocol TCP/IP,IEEE802.3
Slicing Softwaware Materialise Magics RP
System Control software Magics CAD Interface STL文件格式
Power 220V 50HZ Invironment Temprature 20-26℃
Raletive Humidity <40%,Nodew Equipment Weight ≈1000KG
Laser 5000 hours or 24 months
Ohters 24 months from finishing stallation
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