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Selective Laser Melting 3D Print System SLM120

Selective Laser Melting 3D Print System SLM120

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Sintering technology of powder compact by laser as heat source. This technology has unique advantages for sintered materials which are not easily completed by conventional sintering furnaces. Due to the small laser beam concentration and penetration ability, it is suitable for sintering small area and thin sheet products. It is easy to sintered together the powder or thin strip which is different from the matrix composition.
  Product Parameter
Product Type HL-SLM120
Building Size 120X120X100mm
Spread Powder Height 15-100μm
Laser Power 200W
Max Scanning Speed 7000mm/s
Position Accuracy ≤±0.003mm
Max.preheating Temperature 200℃
Min.Oxygen Content ≤100ppm
Protective Gases N2 or Ar
Protective Gases Consumption ≤2L/min (Printing)
Print Materials cobalt-choromium alloy/titanium ally/stainless steel/die steel/aluminium alloy etc.
Product Outine Size 1600mmx960mmx1610mm(LxWxH)
Installation Space 3200mmx2500mmx2500mm(LxWxH)
Product Weight 800KG
Power 220V 5KW
Environment Temperature 20-35℃
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